Hardee Manor Healthcare Center
Hardee Manor Healthcare Center

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Complex Care - 24 Hour Skilled Nursing

Our capable and experienced nursing staff is dedicated to providing residents with the highest quality care possible. All of our RNs, LPNs, and LVNs have been trained through accredited nursing schools and maintain licensure in their respective states.

Supporting our registered nurses is a team of Certified Nursing Techs and Nursing Assistants with the aptitude and sincere desire to work with the aged and infirm. As integral members of our nursing team, they provide our professional nursing personnel with hands-on assistance and work hard to ensure that our residents achieve the highest level of functioning and the most comfortable lifestyle possible.

About us:

Quality Care - Person Centered Care

We are committed to delivering quality care in every facility. Our goal is to help residents maintain the utmost independence, increase their self-worth, and enhance their quality of life by providing meaningful activities, adequate nutrition, and exceptional medical care.

With that in mind, let us share how we strive to attain this goal. We developed the Continuous Quality Improvement Program in the early 1990’s. This process was accomplished to exemplify the company’s strong belief in the prevention of, rather than the retrospective review of issues related to patient care. This is central to the philosophy of Continuous Quality Improvement. Getting all employees actively involved in these preventive measures and focusing on the care systems in place through specific incidents, is central to the successful provision of care and services in our homes.

First and foremost, the CQI program holds the central belief that the company’s most important assets are the staff members at the bedside, providing care and services daily. Likewise, the most important manager in our business is the individual Administrator at each home providing direction and support. Four key elements are central to the successful implementation of CQI in our homes. They are:

• Key Indicator Prevention
• Superior Human Resource Systems
• Empowerment
• Golden Rule

The foundation for our CQI program is daily identification of high risk areas which have the potential to diminish positive outcomes for our residents and staff. As a result of this concept, twelve (12) “Key Indicators” were identified for preventive measures and quality improvement for both training and monitoring. The strong belief that all employees must understand the fundamental need to treat others as they wish to be treated is the expectation. Our philosophy supports the rules of empathy as both a genuine requirement for employment with our company and the benefit to everyone involved within a Diversicare home.

As a result of the aforementioned principles, we pride ourselves in the development of creative solutions to issues that are a part of any Elder Care Service. With the care systems generated through the CQI process, our homes have developed preventive measures and protocols to ensure positive outcomes for our staff and residents. Utilizing all resources, we have created a great place to live and work.

Transitioning into our home is a continuation and a celebration of life, not an end. And we believe that the quality of life of our residents is largely dependent on the quality of their relationships with care staff, family, and other residents. By empowering our staff to be problem solvers, listening to and communicating with residents and families to resolve issues, we strive to create positive, nurturing environments and encourage the development of these relationships in everything we do.
E3 – Excellence by Exceeding Expectations

Diversicare’s E3 Program is designed to recognize and encourage exceptional service within our organization. Family members, vendors, guests, volunteers, and fellow employees are invited to recognize outstanding service our staff provides by filling out a simple form available with E3 posters, displayed prominently in the public areas of our facilities.

CQI Committees at each facility will review submissions and post them for all to see. One submission is selected each month from each facility for inclusion in Focus on Excellence, our organization-wide newsletter, and the designated employee becomes eligible for further recognition, monetary awards, and participation in the Company’s annual CQI Conference.

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